Missing Chargers

Class of '75 members are listed on this page because we have no contact information for them. If you know the whereabouts of anyone on this list, please give them our web address and ask them to pay us a visit. E-mail and this website are our primary means of staying in contact with everyone and passing along important information. Even if our classmate has passed away, we'd like this information as well. Please contact us and provide us what information you have so that we may update our records.

Mary Allen
Richard Armsworthy
Bruce Baker
Roy Bousley
Yvette Cahanin
Thomas Carter
Terry Cleveland
Tony Curtis
Sandra Damron
Debra Dauenhauer (Ludlow)
Debbie Drago
Blayne Ence
David Esser
Joe Evans
Raymond Feltus
Jo Ann Fraiser
Sandra Gifford
John Hartwick
Roger Hicks
Gary Higby
Betty Hinton
Scott Huss
Steve Jackson
Carolyn Jakus
Anne Jones (Bentley)
Dianne La Fayette (Jackson)
Samual Lee
Olivia Loza
Theresa Martin
Bonnie McLellan (Taylor)
Darrell Milligan
Elmer Moore
Suzanne Nielsen
Linda O'Connor (Henderson)
Steve Paajanen
Steven Palmer
Kevyn Phillips
Lisa Remhild (Smith)
Larry Rinks
Jan Ruth (Potter)
Tracey Sullivan (Kilgore)
Newton Byers Swain
Steven Syzdek
Jeffrey Taylor
Carol Tucker
James Vineyard
James White
Kathy Wilson